4 Plumbing Tips That Will Help You Conserve More Water at Home

4 Plumbing Tips That Will Help You Conserve More Water at Home

There are many different reasons why a family should do everything in their power to conserve water while at home. Not only will it cut back on their monthly utility bills, but it will also protect the local environment and ecosystem. Luckily, many people are able to save hundreds of gallons of water every year with a few plumbing upgrades and lifestyle changes. Here is a look at four ways that you and your family can start conserving water today.

Choose Your Appliances Carefully

Older appliances not only waste quite a bit of electricity, but they might also be wasting water. Much of the water that goes into a home is used by the dishwasher and washing machine, and that means you should try to find appliances that are designed to conserve water and energy. One of the easiest ways to do this is to search for products that have been certified by Energy Star. Products are only certified by this program after they have been tested by the EPA and Department of Energy. On average, Energy Star washing machines save nearly 20 gallons of water per load. They also increase the lifespan of your clothes by shortening the agitation cycle.

Modify Your Toilets

Making a few changes to your toilets and adding some extra hardware could save hundreds of gallons of water per year. The easiest upgrade to install is a toilet tank insert, and these devices generally cost no more than a few dollars. Most inserts are small bags that are filled with a cheap material such as sand. They are then placed near the back of the tank so that less water is needed to fill it up. You can add or remove as much material as you like to alter how much water is in the tank. A dual-flush kit is another popular option that allows you to alter how much water is used each time the toilet is flushed.

Have the Plumbing System Inspected

Even in a newer home, pipes and fixtures can easily become damaged. Over the course of a year, a small leak can easily waste hundreds of gallons of water and cause thousands of dollars in damage. That is why all homeowners should have their plumbing systems inspected by a professional, such as a plumber in Utah County, at least once a year. During these inspections, your plumber can look for leaks and clogs that you might have never found otherwise. They can also give you suggestions on ways you can save even more water such as installing aerators and low-flow faucets.

Reuse Grey Water

Grey water is the name that is given to relatively clean water that is not safe to drink. Most grey water comes from washing machines and dishwashers, but it can also come from your sinks and bathtubs. An experienced plumber can help you install additional valves that will send the water to a collection tub outside of your home. You can then use it in many different ways such as watering your lawn, cleaning the rain gutters, or washing off the driveway. Many homeowners connect these water lines directly to rain barrels that they already have on their property.

Conserving water requires quite a few lifestyle changes, but every little bit helps. While the thought of using less water might sound daunting, you could have a major impact on the local environment in as little as a few weeks. As you begin to change your daily habits, your entire family will quickly come to realize just how important it is to protect local resources. You can rest assured that you are creating a better world for your grandchildren for many generations to come.

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