Americans Are Ready to Update to an Intelligent Toilet

Americans Are Ready to Update to an Intelligent Toilet

In an age where smart homes have become a way of life, consumers are seeking ways to make their homes, and everything within them, work harder, faster and smarter. Kohler is encouraging Americans to also upgrade their traditional toileting experience to an intelligent one. Americans want what intelligent toilets and cleansing seats have to offer, but they remain uncommon in the United States.

So why aren’t intelligent toilets more popular in the U.S.? While three in four Americans have heard of a bidet, only about three in ten have ever used one. Why? Fear of the unknown.

In a recent survey conducted by Kohler, of the 56 percent of Americans who aren’t open to using a bidet, one of four say it’s based on not knowing how to use one.However, an overall fresher feeling and features like a deodorizer, a night light and a heated seat have strong appeal. In fact, about two thirds of Americans would choose a toilet that would give them a cleaner, fresher feeling and three in five Americans think washing with water would give them a cleaner feel than toilet paper alone.

“Some of my patients feel that their regular routine isn’t enough when it comes to feeling clean,” says Dr. Roshini Raj, board certified gastroenterologist and internist. “That’s when using an intelligent toilet or cleansing seat could be a solution. Both have a cleansing feature that uses water to wash and can provide users with the cleaner feel they are seeking.”

To help dispel uncertainty about using water to achieve a better clean, Kohler has created a video for curious consumers that shows exactly how to use the features of intelligent toilets and cleansing seats. From what buttons to push to what users can expect to feel, the video answers the most common questions.

“When Americans hear the word bidet, most have an outdated picture in their minds of a standalone fixture, but in fact, the functionality is now built into a toilet or attachable seats, and they are simple to use. Once you try one, you won’t be able to live without it,” says Shane Allis, marketing director of Kohler Sanitary Products. “From intelligent toilets to cleansing seats that attach to existing toilets, these modern day bidets are for consumers who are looking for an upgrade to their toilet routine.”

To meet a variety of consumer needs, Kohler offers a range of intelligent toilets and cleansing seats that can be incorporated into any bathroom without sacrificing design.

  • Veil 
    An ultimate, one-piece intelligent toilet with integrated cleansing functionality that provides a suite of features to offer optimum hygiene and individual comfort, from personal cleansing to an LED nightlight to hands-free opening and closing, and flushing – all of which are easy to control on a touchscreen LCD remote control.
  • C3 230 
    A cleansing seat that comes in a slim, low-profile design made to fit most elongated toilets with an easy-to-use touchscreen remote that allows you to adjust and set the seat to all your personal preferences.
  • Puretide 
    The perfect entry-level cleansing seat, with a stylish design that offers affordable cleansing functionality and quick installation that does not require electricity.

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