Building green? Don't compromise your home's style

Building green? Don't compromise your home's style

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Stricter building codes will make homes more energy efficient. But could that mean foregoing favorite amenities like folding glass walls?

Not necessarily.

In California, all new residential construction in California will need to meet zero net energy requirements by 2020 as required by the Title 24 code.

California-based design-builder Eric Woodhouse faced the quandary of building a home to meet the new code, yet retain his idea for a folding glass wall.

Woodhouse designed and built a home with four bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths and a standing-seam "cool" roof. Other green featured include a Nest thermostat, fully dimmable LED lighting, cellulose-insulated walls, a greywater system, solar panels for generating all the home's energy, and a thermally-broken triple glazed NanaWall SL60 opening glass wall. The design of the home exceeds California Title 24 energy efficiency standards by 52.5 percent.

"I think everybody, whether they know it or not, likes indoor/outdoor flow," Woodhouse told NanaWall. "Buildings that have a connection to the outdoors feel better. Surprisingly, a lot of people come down here and don’t expect that glass wall to open up, and that’s a “wow” moment for a lot of people."

NanaWall: The Obvious Choice for Green Building Projects | NanaWall

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