Factory Panelized Tiny Home Designed for Add-on in Los Angeles

Factory Panelized Tiny Home Designed for Add-on in Los Angeles

The Plús Hús is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) developed in anticipation of the 2017 regulatory changes throughout Los Angeles County allowing homeowners to more easily add accessory dwellings to their property.

Each Plús Hús---Icelandic for 'Plus House' and pronounced like African dish, couscous---is built with a sustainable building material, mnmMOD.

Plús Hús is a simple, efficient, multi-purpose structure design to let anyone easily add an affordable, environmentally responsible space to their property that minimized wasted energy and environmental impact.

The designers, Icelandic natives Erla Dögg Ingjaldsdóttir and Tryggvi Thorsteinsson, used their combined 40 years' experience creating thoughtful spaces that minimize carbon footprints. As Icelandic natives, their origins encouraged them to be creative, resourceful, sustainable, and most importantly, useful. As Los Angeles residents, they had grown concerned with their city's housing shortage crisis.

Sustainably manufactured in Los Angeles, each Plús Hús is constructed with mnmMOD panels for a long-lasting, energy efficient structure.

Building Method - mnmMOD Panel System

  • Net-zero
  • Less Waste
  • No mold or termites
  • Does not support fire
  • Cradle to Cradle certified
  • No dyes, formaldehyde, and MCFC
  • Contains 30% recycled content
  • Shipped flat-packed
  • Simple fast on-site install

The mnmMOD panels are built with use Cradle to Cradle certified extruded polystyrene and 30% recycled steel so no waste is generated throughout the fabrication process.

The panels are customized for specific building plans, then flat packed and delivered to the construction site from the local factory. Once on site, the installation is simple, requiring nothing more than a screw gun. This leads to faster construction, less labor than traditional wood framing and almost zero waste. The panels exceed California Title 24 energy efficiency standards.

Local contractors or a trained Plús Hús crew can assemble the structure.  Windows and doors can be ordered at the same time as the framing system because once installed the panels do not result in the inconsistencies that accompany wood framing. Sub time, such as electrical, plumbing and mechanical, can be reduced because chases come pre-installed.


The Plús Hús is available in three main configurations and a number of choices for finishing materials.

The Open is a simple modern living space with three walls and a sliding glass door. It’s basic because sometimes all you need is room detached from all else to call your dojo or practice your tuba. $37,000 (Prices are exclusive of site visit, site planning, contracting services or permitting. Those fees vary depending on your site, which can add between $30,000 and $50,000 to the Hús price).

Add a bathroom to the Open and you have the Open+. It’s the perfect pool house, home office, or art studio. $42,000

With a bathroom and a kitchen, this Plús Hús can be your guest house, home away from home, or perhaps the place you call home. $49,000

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