Hard Water vs. Soft Water - Which Do You Have? (Infographic)

Hard Water vs. Soft Water - Which Do You Have? (Infographic)

Did you know that water could be classified as hard or soft? And no, water hardness and softness has nothing to do with its touch and feel. Before you conclude that hard water is just ice, know that this classification has a lot to do with chemistry, specifically the composition of water, depending on its source.

Basically, water in its purest form -- like rain water -- is what we call soft water. It becomes ‘hard’ when different chemicals combine with it. Hard water contains chemicals and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, chalk, lime, and iron. In essence, hard water is simply water that has high mineral content.

Hard water can leave residues behind, clogging plumbing fixtures and shortening the life of a water heater. Depending on the water source in your home, a water softening system could be the answer. These systems may also be used with a water filtration system for high quality water for your home.

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