High performance green home will rise in Louisville's geothermal community

High performance green home will rise in Louisville's geothermal community

Proud Green Home of Louisville front elevation rendering, courtesy of Pohl Rosa Pohl

The Proud Green Home of Louisville will be sited in one of the largest geothermal residential communities in the United States.

Known as Su Verde, or Italian for "About Green" the Proud Green Home of Louisville is situated in the 1,800-lot North Village of Norton Commons, Louisville's only Traditional Neighborhood Development.

UberGreen Spaces & Homes broke ground on the home to get ready for the Homearama show in Norton Commons, July 16-31, 2016. 

“Not only will this home be the first of its kind in the Commonwealth, it will be the home of the future,” says Sy Safi, principal, UberGreen Spaces & Homes. “Almost 90% of our lives are spent indoors which puts great emphasis on the importance of proper design, and a healthy and safe environment for our families.”

The geothermal HVAC system will help the home meets many of its goals, including energy efficiency, indoor air quality and healthy living. The home will pursue LEED for Homes, Passive House, Zero Energy Ready, and NAHB Green Building Standard certifications.

The developers of Norton Commons chose to use geothermal heating and cooling to provide homeowners with significant energy savings, improve comfort, maximize space, reduce the noise of outdoor units and decrease environmental impact. The North Village is the latest section of the 600-plus acre development to open.

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The move to geothermal heating and cooling is part of Norton Commons' overall mission to provide its residents with More Life Per Square Foot by maximizing space and improving the overall comfort of the families who live, work, and play within the neighborhood.

Geothermal heating and cooling will eliminate the need for outdoor air conditioning units and reduce noise while increasing areas for residents to enjoy the outdoors. A network of underground geothermal loops and efficiently sized heat pump units inside each home will provide homeowners with the most comfortable heating and cooling systems available on the market today.

“Introducing geothermal heating and cooling to our North Village development will allow our homeowners to improve the indoor and outdoor comfort of their homes at significant energy savings,” said Norton Commons managing director, Charles A. Osborn III. “Geothermal heating and cooling is a natural fit for Norton Commons as we constantly seek to provide our residents with the ultimate lifestyle experience and all the classic conveniences of a mixed-use community. We want our families to do less planning and more living, essentially maximizing every square foot of space so there is more to enjoy and more to do.”

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