Infographic | 35 Inspiring Tiny Houses And The Families Living There

Infographic | 35 Inspiring Tiny Houses And The Families Living There

Photo via Clayton Homes

Living in a tiny house offers an alternative lifestyle compared to the typical spacious American home. Those who live in small homes -- usually 400 square feet or smaller  -- make the tradeoff of size with other priorities in their life. A tiny home uses less energy, upkeep and furnishings so living in one can be easier on the household budget.

Instead of spending all your time, money and energy on some big mansion, you will be able to focus on the things that are really import for you. Most Americans spend 1/3 to 1/2 of their income toward putting a roof over their head, which translates to 15 years of working to pay for it.

When you move into a tiny house, you might even start earning more money than you need. Maybe you will then be able to work less and thereby get more time on your hands, time that will allow you to travel more.

It’s no secret that you can get much the same benefits by living in a small apartment, but then you don’t have a garden that you can enjoy when you aren’t on the road with your backpack or rolling your suitcase through the airport of your favorite city.

The folks at Mighty Goods compiled a list of 35 inspiring tiny houses to help begin your tiny home journey.

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