Proud Green Home at Serenbe reflects green building themes (Part 3)

Proud Green Home at Serenbe reflects green building themes (Part 3)

The net-zero high-performance Proud Green Home at Serenbe was designed to showcase nine themes of sustainable building and living. Here is the third set of three of those themes that are also on display at the Proud Green Home at Serenbe in the Serenbe community southwest of Atlanta. The Proud Green Home at Serenbe officially opens Aug. 16-17, 2013.

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[Indoor air quality]

Breathe easy

A tighter home is a better home. That means less air leakage, which means the home is less drafty and uses less energy. But it also means there's less natural airflow through the home.

That could lead to discomfort from odors and fumes collecting in the home, and possibly from mold growth. In fact, indoor air quality can be two to five times worse than outdoor air, according to the U.S. EPA.

With the very tight build quality of the Proud Green Home at Serenbe, the home's designer included an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). The ERV ventilation system ensures a thoroughly controlled, balanced flow of air through the home.

Through a network of ducts, the ERV exchanges air throughout the home on a continuous basis. The flow of fresh air keeps moisture at the right levels. And it helps keep the temperature even.

Be comfortable, feel better and thrive in the fresh air. 


Simply less

Fresh water is a non-renewable resource. We must manage what we have for the long haul. Using water less means less stress on our environment.

This home was designed to wring the most out of each drop of precious water. That leaves more for our community and future generations.

To move water through the home, a manifold system connects the water source directly to each faucet and fixture. There's no main line and branches like a traditional system.

That means there's less water in the pipes. And there's less to heat when the hot water faucet is turned on. So you waste less water waiting for hot water to reach you. And you waste less energy heating the water.

Each fixture meets strict water usage standards. That means every faucet, showerhead, toilet and even the dishwasher is stingy with every drop.

When it comes to precious water, less is more.


Making impossible possible

They said it couldn't be done. Yet here it is.

The Proud Green Home at Serenbe reveals the impossible as possible. This home is chock full of innovative thinking and products that showcase just how easy it is to go green.

It all starts with the vision. Can a home be comfortable and inviting, designed for real living by real people, yet perform at the highest level?

Of course it can.

From the inviting kitchen to the rear deck just made for parties, the Proud Green Home at Serenbe will be full of life and love and laughter for years to come.

But the people living there will pay less for the privilege. And they will tread lightly on our planet. They will have the strength of will to invest in themselves and the future. It's not always easy being a leader. But the rewards are worth it.

The Proud Green Home at Serenbe is tracking for:

  • EarthCraft House Platinum Certification
  • ENERGY STAR v3 qualified
  • EPA Indoor AirPlus qualified
  • EPA WaterSense qualified
  • DOE Challenge Home

Products of The Proud Green Home at Serenbe have received their own certifications as follows:

  • GreenGuard, Green Seal and Green Label Products
  • ENERGY STAR fixtures
  • ENERGY STAR light bulbs
  • EPA WaterSense Fixtures
  • KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program

The Proud Green Home at Serenbe makes it clear just how possible it is to do the impossible.

Read more about the Proud Green Home at Serenbe.

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