This Old House uses duct-sealing technology on deep green retrofit (video)

This Old House uses duct-sealing technology on deep green retrofit (video)

The use of aeroseal technology to improve the energy efficiency and indoor air quality of a newly constructed home was featured on the latest episode of PBS’s This Old House.

In show #22 of series 35, titled “400 Years of Home Technology,” the show’s host Kevin O’Connor talked with duct sealing expert Jim Moulison of Bright Star Heating Supply Company about the advantages of using aeroseal technology for both existing homes and new construction projects.

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During a demonstration of the technology, Moulison created a large hole in the ductwork and covered it with a piece of metal screen. He then showed how the aerosol-based duct sealing technology worked from the inside the ductwork to seal the hole. Once the sealing process was completed, a close examination of the screen showed that a solid patch of sealant had formed across the entire exposed surface.

“By sealing from the inside, the Aeroseal system can easily find and seal all the leaks,” said Moulison. “While traditional duct sealing typically takes a day or more to complete, aerosealing can be done in just a few hours. More importantly, the computerized system is highly effective. You can actually watch a computer monitor show the results as the sealing process is taking place. A computer-generated printout at the end of the process provides official documentation of the before and after results.”

During the featured demonstration, O’Connor noted that the aeroseal technology quickly eliminated all the leaks in the ductwork.

“There’s nothing better than zero percent leakage,” said O’Connor.

Watch the episode here. The duct-sealing portion begins at 18:21.

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