Tiny Home Cabin Concept Inspired by the Latvian Coast

Tiny Home Cabin Concept Inspired by the Latvian Coast

A new cabin concept inspired by hikers traversing the Latvian coast led to an eco-friendly design that respects the intersection of land and sea.

Seattle-based architecture firm Signal Architecture + Research were entrants in the Bee Breeders competition located on the E9 Trek on the Latvian coast. Designers at were inspired by the geographic threshold that exists between land and sea and the transformational experience that trekkers can find on the trail.

Following this liminal world, traversing a line of varied topography between forested cliffs and beaches, hikers are inspired by incremental transformation. Thinking of it as a walking meditation, the team was inspired to create a unique architectural expression that is bound by land and sea.

The hipped roof, sturdy wood-framed enclosures, and simple shapes are inspired by traditional structures. The design interprets these elements into an iconic, physical vocabulary that responds to the surrounding trees and windswept strand. The gable ends facing the sea and ridge are translucent, serving a dual purpose: they welcome light into the structure by day and emit light at night as a signal to others that someone is home.

Stretched up like a vertical lantern toward the sky, the cabin becomes a recognizable symbol for shelter, rest, warmth, and life at the edge of the sea.

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