Windows, Siding and Roofing Designs Available in Bold Hues

Windows, Siding and Roofing Designs Available in Bold Hues

Bold is beautiful when it comes to the exterior color palette of a home, and some new exterior products emphasize bright bold hues.

From the fashion runway to the home, expert trend spotters like PANTONE®, the world-renowned authority on color, identified in the fall 2016 Fashion Color Report that earth tones balanced by vibrant pops of color are the next big thing.

At the 2017 NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS), Ply Gem, a manufacturer of building products, introduced its 2017 color collection of bold hues for windows, siding and roofing products.

As an exterior building product color leader, Ply Gem now offers a broad spectrum of premium color options ranging from bronze to dark red, blue, gray, green, purple and brown shades, for select product categories, including its windows (1500 Brickmould Vinyl Collection and MIRA Woodclad Collection), vinyl siding lines, and engineered slate and cedar shake roofing products.

Ply Gem Windows: Custom Color Combinations

The Ply Gem Windows 1500 Brickmould Vinyl Collection enhances design flexibility by providing two-tone co-extruded colors with neutral white interiors. Now available in beige, clay and dark bronze – with a black option coming soon – this feature allows builders, remodelers and architects to deliver stunning curb appeal with authentic exterior color palettes. Unlike more expensive painted or foil-wrapped color solutions, these low-maintenance, co-extruded exteriors are applied directly during the extrusion process creating a durable, high-performance product.

For unlimited design possibilities, the MIRA Woodclad Collection offers over 40 exterior colors and five interior finish options with the ability to create custom color combinations by varying frame and sash color. The warm wood interior allows for the ultimate in design flexibility, as it can be painted and stained to match any interior décor. Color matched grille combinations can also be added to create stunning architectural applications.

New Vinyl Siding Colors: Designed, Tested and Guaranteed to Last

According to the 2016 Zillow Group Report on Consumer Housing Trends, 66 percent of homeowners surveyed chose to make improvements primarily to express their own personal design style. With more than 20 product categories in its portfolio — available in numerous colors, styles and options — Ply Gem fully understands this. The company is going a step further in 2017 with the introduction of five new high-performance, designer-inspired colors in select NAPCO® by Ply Gem, Variform® by Ply Gem and Georgia-Pacific® Vinyl Siding and Accessories lines.

The new vinyl siding colors, available in deep red, blue, gray, brown and green hues provide overall color stability for the exterior of a home. Furthermore, no painting or caulking is needed.

The new colors have undergone extensive testing for real-life conditions at Ply Gem’s Insight Center. The following simulations were conducted to ensure product and color integrity: 

  • Weather and Environmental Testing: Exposure to accelerated and extreme weather and environmental conditions in an enclosed modular chamber, including rain, hail, sleet, sun, humidity, wind and snow.
  • Extreme Heat: The siding is put directly under a heat lamp source — replicating natural sunlight and humidity — to measure how much the panel temperature rises in the ambient air over time.
  • Oil canning: Also called the “buckling test,” heats up the surface of the panel to replicate direct sun exposure.

Read more about energy saving windows.


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