7 Style Tips for Your Bathroom

| by Touseef Hussain
7 Style Tips for Your Bathroom

Looking for a great way to jazz up your bathroom? Bathrooms tend to be so functionally designed that they're almost boring. But if you want a unique, designer feel to your room, then there are some simple style tips that will help you to personalise your space. Today we're giving you our top seven style tips for your bathroom, so read on to find out how to get that luxurious look that you want.

Mirrors Add Light

Mirrors are a key element in your room, both to look at yourself in and also to add a spacious feeling to a room that's probably a little on the small side. Try getting your local DIY store to cut a mirror to fit a second hand picture frame, or paint moulding and put it around the edge of a hung mirror to give your room a unique focal point on the wall.
Colour is Key

Whilst white fixtures and fittings are generally best for bathrooms, you can add a healthy splash of colour on the walls. Painting a bathroom in a bright lime green, for example, will make the room stand out, and is an excellent way of experimenting with bold shades that you might not want to use elsewhere in the house.
Taps are Beautiful

Don't underestimate the power of taps to change the look of your bathroom. Basic sinks and tubs are fine, but accessorising them with beautiful taps is what's really going to make the difference.
Hidden Storage

Bathrooms tend to collect clutter pretty easily, with all those products and cosmetics you need, not to mention towels and toilet paper. Wicker baskets make a beautiful addition to any bathroom, and can easily be slid under sinks or bathroom counters. They'll give you a convenient place to stash all those little bottles that you have, and will keep the room looking neat and elegant.
No More Carpets

Carpet in the bathroom, whether it's a full floor carpet or a little toilet mat, is just generally a bad idea. It gets damp and is the perfect place for bacteria and mould to grow. Tiling bathroom floors, or even going with a wooden floor, will make a huge difference to the look of your bathroom, as well as being more hygienic. And ditch the carpet bath and toilet mats in favour of cork mats, or slightly raised wooden platforms. As an added bonus, your room will be much easier to clean too.
Add a Seat

You might not think about seating in the bathroom, but adding a simple stool means that not only can someone sit and talk to you in the bath, but also that you'll have somewhere to put wine glasses and clean towels too.
Think About Lighting

Direct lighting in bathrooms is a real no no. You'll want a powerful light over the mirror, but other than that, stick to recessed lighting for a softer feel. And a few candles will give atmosphere as well as a beautiful scent to your room.

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