Advantages to starting your home improvement projects in the winter

| by Vicki Frye
Advantages to starting your home improvement projects in the winter

Many homeowners believe exterior home improvement projects have to happen during summer months.  With winter weather often comes snow, rain, and cold, causing homeowners to put their outdoor projects on hold until warmer weather.

However, there are several advantages to starting your exterior home improvement projects during the winter. Here are a few of the reasons winter home improvement could be for you:

  • Starting and finishing a home project in the winter months can save money.  
  • Replacing windows and siding in the winter appears to be a no-win situation. The weather is cold and removing a window would seem to leave your home open to the elements. However, finding a company that uses proper cleanliness and heat loss prevention techniques such as floor to ceiling plastic draping, can make this season a perfect one to seal up the home’s thermal envelope, which is often compromised and noticed first around the windows and doors.
  • Costs are typically lower in the off-season for installers and builders.
  • Many contractors even offer discounts.  
  • Taking care of any gaps or breaks in the home’s thermal seal with save on heating and electric bills.  
  • Plus planning and getting installation faster is simpler in these months.

For more winter home improvement ideas read “Winter Home Improvement Projects that Won’t Leave You Cold”.


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Vicki Frye
Vicki Frye is the director of Corporate Marketing Communications at Ply Gem, North America’s leading exterior building products manufacturer. From performance siding & accessories to energy efficient windows & patio doors, durable engineered roofing and more, Ply Gem offers low maintenance home exterior design solutions that enhance curb appeal while also increasing energy efficiency. www

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