Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy reminds us to be prepared

| by Vicki Frye
Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy reminds us to be prepared

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Northeastern coast of the United States. This storm killed nearly 300 people and caused immense damage that will cost nearly 71 billion dollars to repair. This figure includes the cost of homes and businesses lost, and the rebuilding of critical infrastructure such as roads and bridges. The effect of Sandy’s devastation continues to be felt throughout the region.

Despite its destruction, Sandy invigorated the work of climate scientists who predict that storms like this are simply a precursor to more devastating weather in our future due to climate change.  The bottom line is that the world is changing and the preparations we make for these colossal events should reflect this including the types of building materials we create to withstand such storms.

As we near the anniversary, we should take a moment to reflect on our own preparedness for bad weather and to remember all of those affected by this storm.

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Vicki Frye
Vicki Frye is the director of Corporate Marketing Communications at Ply Gem, North America’s leading exterior building products manufacturer. From performance siding & accessories to energy efficient windows & patio doors, durable engineered roofing and more, Ply Gem offers low maintenance home exterior design solutions that enhance curb appeal while also increasing energy efficiency. www

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