As temperatures dip, homeowners with geothermal avoid utility spikes

| by Titian Burris
As temperatures dip, homeowners with geothermal avoid utility spikes

As temperatures dip across the country, most homeowners are seeing their utility bills spike this winter. But not those who have homes outfitted with geothermal heating systems.

For them, the utility bills are relatively miniscule, as they have been all year. 

Price remains a sticking point among many in the residential building market. They relish the thought of low utility bills, but balk at the thousands of dollars it can cost to install a geothermal system.

The fact is that geothermal technology is proven to save people money every day – as much as 80 percent. Capitalizing on the constant temperature beneath the Earth’s surface, a home’s geothermal unit doesn’t work as hard to heat a structure as traditional electric or gas systems. 

To help homeowners realize the potential savings, ClimateMaster has established a cost savings calculator on its website at The site allows users to input various data about their home, existing heating and cooling setup and hot water needs. 

The calculator, using the inputted information, details the projected current expenditure and the likely expenditure with a geothermal system. The actual energy savings -- which can be more or less, depending on the design -- hinges on a variety of factors, including the type of home, climate and existing ventilation.

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