Ask the Expert: Details on Insulated Concrete Form?

| by Chris Conway
Ask the Expert: Details on Insulated Concrete Form?

ProudGreenHome: What are the benefits of ICF?

Chris Conway:

What is an insulating concrete form anyway? Most people have heard builders throw around the term ICF and you have probably been wondering what they are and what the benefits are, with great reason. ICF is basically reinforced concrete forms which allow for tight insulation, great thermal breaks and have been around for quite some time. Below are some of my favorite reasons for using them:

  • The great insulation and thermal mass they allow is great because they are created as hollow forms and pack a mean punch when it comes to insulation.
  • The amazing sound dampening ability which is wonderful in cities and between floors.
  • The very minimal mold potential. There are not any cavities for mold to grow in, and this is a great thing for people who suffer from allergies, but also just for longevity of the building.

You can't go wrong with a product like this.

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Chris Conway
Chris Conway (aka The Green Gobbler) has gained a reputation for his frank, no-holds-barred advice on home energy efficiency and green building construction. As the president of Conway Construction and the exclusive Earthcraft House technical adviser for Northern Virginia, Chris has conducted hundreds of home energy audits, energy efficiency and green building certifications across the state. Genevieve Concannon, the EcoBroker, assists Chris with his blog. www

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