Ask the Expert: Reducing water usage to save on utility bills

| by Mark Sanders
Ask the Expert: Reducing water usage to save on utility bills

ProudGreenHome: How do I reduce summer utility bills?

Mark Sanders:

During the summer, two big consumers of fresh water are irrigation and car washing. My suggestion for summer utility bill savings involves using rain barrels to drip irrigate flower beds and taking your car to a local car wash that uses recycled water in its process.

Rain barrels have come a long way since the rustic, homemade style. Rain barrels are attractive and easy to install. I recommend that a drip hose be put on the outlet so that you can control the flow and evaporation as temperatures rise.

Getting outside in shorts and bathing suits to wash the car is a great way to spend a few hot afternoon hours. However, much of the water runs down the sidewalk, into the street, and is wasted. In some parts of the country this is called "fugitive water" because it is not being used for its intended purpose. Many local car washes now advertise that they use recycled water in their process. I recommend that we help promote water reuse and save on fresh water during a time of high need.

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Mark Sanders
Mark Sanders has always been concerned about the environment. He is a licensed CPA, but has always sought ways to help people and companies work smarter. He developed the idea for the AQUS at age nine, then patented it 30-plus years later. AQUS is now available through a partnership with Sloan Valve Co., which has a full line of water-efficient bathroom products. www

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