Be prepared for hurricanes at any time

| by Vicki Frye
Be prepared for hurricanes at any time

There is still almost a month and a half left in Hurricane season, which officially began on June 1st. Though fewer storms seem to be forming at the end of this season, only a few years ago we learned that deadly storms could happen at any time. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, being prepared is the best way to protect your property and your safety.

According to the National Hurricane Center, you should assess your risk; keep a list of emergency contacts handy, create an emergency kit and consider your safety first which should include making plans for evacuation if necessary.  The NHC website offers tools to help assess your situation and risk potential. The site includes a guide for creating a well-equipped emergency kit.

In the event of an emergency, be safe and wait until the all clear is given before returning to any area damaged by a storm. Be safe and take the recovery process in stride. It can take a while but will happen with time.

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Vicki Frye
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