Build modular homes with defensive building technology

| by Nathaniel Bruce
Build modular homes with defensive building technology

Modular and systems built homes are becoming a bigger part of the residential landscape. They can range from the traditional house trailer to a million dollar pre-fab home site with a breathtaking view. Regardless of the price point, these homes benefit from being factory built in controlled conditions that reduces exposure to the elements.

We're finding that modular homebuilders are looking for lumber products that give them superior performance when it comes to protection from moisture, mold, insects and fire.

From our Salem, Oregon, facility we manufacture Eco Red Shield protected lumber for the pre-fab building business bound for Hawaii via Blazer Industries, LLC operating out of Aumsville, Oregon.

Blazer Industries is a modular builder that specializes in high use buildings such as schools, medical facilities, and government offices. Typically, Blazer's buildings ship to locations throughout the continental U.S. as well as Alaska and Hawaii; many of which require special care in terms of termite, fire, and fungicidal treatment.

Blazer started using Eco Red Shield after becoming dissatisfied with standard pressure treated lumber. Folks there told me that the using wood sourced from traditional pressure treating processes tended to produce a significant quantity of unusable lumber and reduction in engineering values. They said incorporating the Eco Red Shield product into their value stream reduced the amount of culled lumber and eliminated delays due to high moisture content in the wood. Eco Red Shield allows Blazer to offer protected lumber throughout the entire structure.

For Blazer Industries, environmental stewardship and sustainability are important as well. For them, the Eco Red Shield treatment method is a good fit because it adds sustainability to their products with minimal impact on the environment. Additionally, with Eco Red Shield, the company has better control of its material costs and production waste.

Due to the growth of the pre-fab and modular or systems build home, Eco Building Product has a dedicated technical representative to service the modular building factories in the Pacific Northwest. We're also working with modular builders across the country to incorporate defensive building techniques into their products.

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