Compliment your existing tank heater with a booster

| by Jens Bolleyer
Compliment your existing tank heater with a booster

An electric, tankless water heater is a wonderful booster to compliment your existing tank heater. Tank boosters provide dramatic savings on water heating costs. The self-modulating technology adjusts energy usage based on how much hot water is needed. They have digital temperature control in one-degree increments. Tank boosters are compact, saving valuable storage space, and designed to be stylish.

SmartBoost is another powerful booster option designed by EcoSmart. SmartBoost can be easily installed on a new or existing tank’s hot water outlet. The unit can work with either electric or gas tank water heaters. There is no need for additional electrical infrastructure when installed on an existing electric heater. 

Its purpose is to provide more hot water when a tank heater alone isn’t enough to meet the hot water demand. Instead of buying a larger water heater or living with the frustration of a not-so-hot shower, homeowners can address the issue with a SmartBoost.

There is a lot of punch to this compact package. Measuring only eight inches high, 11.5 inches wide and less than four inches deep, the SmartBoost increases deliverable hot water of the tank up to 45 percent. This means that there is nearly double the hot water available from your tank and that showers can be longer.

For more information on the SmartBoost, including technical details and more features available, visit

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