Decor choices to improve indoor air quality

| by Touseef Hussain
Decor choices to improve indoor air quality

Did you know that you can help the environment through the type of décor you choose to have in your home? That's right — there are eco-friendly home decor products that will help sustain the environment as well as keep you and your family happier and healthier. Consider the following ideas to make your home a more environmentally friendly one.

Sustainable materials

When it comes to selecting home decor items one of the best things you can do is choose products made from sustainable materials. Sustainable materials for in home décor are not only eco-friendly, but also friendly on your budget. Good choices are materials such as wood, glass or bamboo to name but a few. If you find it difficult to locate budget friendly eco products, then why not consider purchasing second hand goods. That way, not only will you be spending less on a used furniture item, the resources needed in order to complete the transaction are much less. With pre-loved items there is no need to spend energy on manufacturing new materials nor on manufacturing the end products and that's great news for the environment!

Recycled materials

Sustainable materials tend to stand up to heavy and long term use, which in turn reduces the frequency that new items will need to be purchased. Keep an eye out for products constructed of recycled materials too as there are many items available today that are aesthetically pleasing as well as sustainable. For example, there are even lovely chairs available that are constructed from old shopping carts! Furthermore, home décor items made from sustainable materials are not limited to furniture, but can also include paper, wall covering, flooring, carpet, and glass tiling. Just about every interior surface of your home can be covered with eco-friendly sustainable materials that are friendly on your wallet too.

Going green

Another effective way to improve the interior of your home as well as help the environment is by adding a variety of plants to each room. Plants such as ferns grow well indoors as do palms and both are effective at removing harmful airborne substances. Using plants as decor in your home really is the perfect way to help the environment as well as helping your family enjoy cleaner air and the aesthetic appeal that greenery brings to each room.

Community markets

Finally, community markets are an excellent way to find locally produced handmade goods or second hand household goods, so why not visit a market each week because it can be a fun and low cost outing that the whole family can enjoy. If you're interested in creative projects why not consider making your own eco-friendly home decor products such as pottery items, decorating old glass bottles or even weaving baskets from sustainable materials.

As you can see, there are many ways to achieve a stylish interior within your home without it having to cost the earth. So why not get started today by searching for eco-friendly decor so you can enjoy a greener tomorrow.

Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes for QS Bathroom Products, you can follow him on twitter @usef4u.

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Touseef Hussain
Touseef Hussain, through his job at QS Supplies, is a creative writer and an interior design consultant, who currently lives in United Kingdom, Leicester. Tauseef along with QS Supplies has handled many interior design projects all over UK. He has written blogs and articles on several home improvement topics and has offered several creative and valuable ideas through his articles. His main goal is to help people spend less and live more. www

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