Do you think you have a leaky home?

| by Luis Imery
Do you think you have a leaky home?

If your house was a balloon, would it inflate like a proud red balloon on a child's birthday? Or would it spit and fizzle, full of holes?

If you have ever wondered just how tight your home is, you should consider having a blower doortest performed on your home. Blower door testing measures the number of air changes per hour (ACH) in your home by measuring pressure differences between your home and the outside.

Having a leaky building envelope, and therefore a high number of ACH, can cause drafts and uncomfortable temperatures in your home. The 2009 International Energy Conservation Code requires a maximum of 7ACH.

If you are worried that your home has too many air changes or are feeling like outside air is intruding into your home, think about having a HERS Rater or BPI test your home. If you decide you would like to improve the overall efficiency of your home further, consider having a home energy audit done. Reducing air leakage on your home will not only save you money in perpetuity but will enhance the indoor air quality as well.

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Luis Imery
Luis Imery, through his business the Imery Group, is a full service construction, home energy performance, green certification and real estate group specializing in infusing sustainability in every facet of the real estate cycle. Its construction division has become pioneers in the Athens, GA area in green building of speculative, custom and design-built construction. Just in 2011 they have over 110 units slated for green certification under the EarthCraft program. wwwView Luis Imery's profile on LinkedIn

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