Duct-free HVAC delivers design flexibility

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Duct-free HVAC delivers design flexibility

It may not be obvious, but HVAC design can really influence the look, feel and comfort of your home.

A traditional ducted system requires returns and registers in most rooms and ductwork under the floors or in the ceilings.

With a duct-free mini split system there are no ducts. Instead there's an outside condensing unit and an inside air handler. Small refrigerant tubing connects the two components through the wall.  The refrigerant lines need to be insulated and protected in the installation. They can run through the walls or in the attic space. One outdoor unit can support several indoor units.  Indoor unit options include ceiling mounted units, and wall-mounted units that can hide behind a picture frame to blend into the décor.

These units are a great option for loft or basement conversions, sunrooms or an entire section of a home that’s never the ideal temperature. To further enhance personal comfort, a multi zone system can be installed to serve several rooms. Each indoor unit comes with a controller to provide advance temperature control in each room or area.

Overall, duct-free systems provide exceptional design flexibility and individualized comfort. These systems are energy-efficient and can often help reduce your utility bill.

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