Eco Defensive Partner Certification Program Overview

| by Nathaniel Bruce
Eco Defensive Partner Certification Program Overview

When a homeowner is dissatisfied with the home it can often lead to expensive litigation and insurance claims. Builders want to deliver a product that delight their customers, so learning how to reduce the risk of mold and other problems can help builders do just that.

That's why Eco Building Products established the Eco Defensive Partner certification program to help protect builders, contractors, realtors and consumers from the effects of mold related claims and the air quality in homes caused by moldy, wet lumber.

This program educates building professionals involved in virtually every facet of new residential construction, arming them with real inside information that will help them defend against future mold related claims.

Even seasoned professionals can their knowledge and business to the next level by earning the latest and most updated accredited third-party certification. The program foc teaches contractors how to build with "Safety first' as a goal," defensively against unpredictable natural disasters, and most importantly, showing them what products are available in today's supply chain.

The standard general contractor license exam is based on how the building industry used to build. With the ever-changing environmental conditions that are fast becoming the new normal, Defensive Partner certified contractors may lower their liability insurance because they mitigate loss through defensive building.

It is time for the building industry to embrace new technology through education and practical training, safe building practices, and innovation supported by accreditation.

Now all Contractors can become certified DEFENSIVE, branding them as an expert at building defensively against the next super storm. We can't make a promise that your insurance company will automatically reduce your liability insurance, but if we all join forces, they will begin to look at you, the Certified Defensive Builder, differently than the others.

Steps to certification

  1. Comply with professional licensing requirements.
  2. Submit online application, required documentation, and proof of CURRENT liability insurance policy.
  3. Complete prescribed training modules.
  4. Diploma ceremony and film documentary.
  5. Set up for a one-time marketing video for your company.

If you are interested in setting up training to become an Eco Certified Partner, contact us at [email protected]

Topics: Foundations, Lumber and Structured Panels

Companies: Eco Building Products

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