Engineered cedar offers zero maintenance roofing

| by Vicki Frye
Engineered cedar offers zero maintenance roofing

Cedar shakes and shingles have been a roofing material for hundreds of years. Who doesn't love the look of a traditional home with moss-tinged cedar. But that green cast is the result of a lack of maintenance over the years, one of the downfalls of traditional cedar roofing.

Experts says a real cedar roof should received a thorough cleaning every six to eight years, and should be cleared of leaves and debris every year.

Nobody has time for that.

Fortunately, there's a zero-maintenance alternative to traditional cedar roofing. Ply Gem offers Engineered Cedar that will last for decades with basically no maintenance. The cedar shingles are molded from real cedar examples, and look so real it feels like you could get a splinter from one.

The shingles are formed from a proprietary polymer formulation with nearly 100 percent recycled resins. Low heat and high pressure create a material uniform in structure and exceptionally strong. This unique process, Fusion Annealing, allows stress within the polymer to release, preventing problems such as cupping and curling.

Though lightweight, Ply Gem Roofing Engineered Cedar is still strong enough to stand up to roofers walking on the tiles while installing.

The resulting product is a new category of building material called Integrated Slate Polymer (ISP). Created for residential and light commercial applications, the material is lighter weight than natural cedar, which also means there's a reduced impact on the environment with less fuel needed to transport. The tiles will not break when handling and are designed with recessed nail flanges into the shingle, requiring no additional framing support or special skills for installation.

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Vicki Frye
Vicki Frye is the director of Corporate Marketing Communications at Ply Gem, North America’s leading exterior building products manufacturer. From performance siding & accessories to energy efficient windows & patio doors, durable engineered roofing and more, Ply Gem offers low maintenance home exterior design solutions that enhance curb appeal while also increasing energy efficiency. www

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