Environmentally intelligent site plan

| by Dan Wise
Environmentally intelligent site plan

A home is usually the largest financial purchase for us. It is important to fully learn all of the attributes and possible detriments of a building site before building a home, whether the site is in an urban setting or overlooking a mountain or lake. Your local Lindal dealer is experienced in evaluating building sites to capture the essence of what nature offers in to the home design and function. From the site evaluation the Lindal dealer can then suggest home designs from thousands of plan options. Find a local dealer at www.lindal.com.

Think about how the site will influence the final design of your dream home and ask yourself these questions: 

  • What are the general characteristics of the land? Is it green and woodsy? Rocky and gray with a view of the mountains? Or, is it a vast open stretch?
  • Can other structures be clearly seen from the lot? What is their architectural style? Will your style fit in this neighborhood?
  • Should the house face toward or away from the road? Where should the driveway be located?
  • Where does the sun rise and set? Would you like to capture the lake front view from the living area? Or the mountains from the kitchen? Or a view of the sunset from the master suite?
  • If you are in a northern climate, how important is it to face the south? Will a southern exposure help you save on heating costs?
  • Is the site flat? Is the lot narrow? Is there a hillside or stream to take into consideration? Are there any other geological conditions that might affect the design or placement of your home?


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Dan Wise
Dan started in the construction industry thirty-five years ago and from the beginning was involved in sustainable construction. Upon forming his own company, he used his experience and education in studying engineering at Penn State to provide sustainable energy efficient construction to his clients. Wise Construction is a Certified Green Builder and Remodeler by the Home Innovations Research Labs and is committed to high performance sustainable construction as a standard. Dan is a NAHB Certified Green Professional and was named the NAHB Green Builder Advocate of the Year in 2013. He currently chairs the Green Codes and Standards sub-committee for the NAHB. www

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