Five Ways to Improve Your Home for Earth Day

| by Jens Bolleyer
Five Ways to Improve Your Home for Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual reminder how our environment can be improved by collectively doing things to reduce pollution. So, think of some ways your family can help out this April 22.  Here are a few easy things to consider (and you may even save money in doing so!):

  1. Plant trees - This is an annual tradition for Earth Day doers!  A beautiful tree in your yard adds shade, giving your AC unit a breather in the summer. Trees are also appealing and add value to your property.
  2. Seal your attic - Heat rises, so check out your attic for air leaks of any size and seal them with caulking or insulation. Why heat the outdoors in the winter?  Your furnace will last longer and your monthly energy bill will be reduced.
  3. Replace your air filter - Many homeowners make an effort to replace their furnace air filters during the winter months. Check out your furnace’s recommendations and make sure you also change during the summer months if you have central AC. Changing filters is critical especially if you have pets. Cat and dog hair can choke a filter in short order. It also improves conditions for allergy sufferers.  
  4. Add a point of use water heater - Does one of the faucets in your home struggle to produce hot water? Perhaps it's in a remote part of the house or you just have an older water heating system. If you're not     ready to replace the main heater in your home, consider adding on a point of use heater to give your system a boost. It gets installed under the sink, out of the way, and will produce endless hot water. Save water by avoiding long pipe runs just to get a bit of warm water.
  5. Seal your doors and windows - Run your hand around the window and door frames. These parts of your house are subject to settling and can become cracked. Small drafts may only require you to seal up the cracks with caulk, while bigger problems might be better solved by installing new windows and doors.

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