Geothermal systems offer a more resilient option in rough weather

| by Caryn Tomer
Geothermal systems offer a more resilient option in rough weather

After Superstorm Sandy tore through the Northeast at the end of October this year, it left billions in damage. Nearly two months later, people are still rebuilding and looking for ways to make improvements. That being said, the storm has encouraged many homeowners to take a closer look at geothermal systems as an alternative way to heat and cool their homes. And it's quite attractive for many reasons, not just the fact that it is relatively stormproof.

The thought of something being more durable may be intriguing, no matter where you might live. After all, you've seen the battered buildings, the empty fuel tanks scattered from their original site, and of course, furnaces and air conditioners in a state of disrepair.

Granted, nothing is literally stormproof. But, geothermal offers a few key benefits that help to make it more resilient than other systems. So, how does a geothermal system differ exactly? Typically they are not exposed to the elements and there is no need for fossil fuels on-site to power the unit. Once the power is back on, your geothermal system is likely going to be up and running, too, so long as your house is inhabitable.

Eric Senio, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager for Enertech Global, added to this stating, "Geothermal Systems are well protected from the forces of nature in many different climates. Particularly on seaside applications, geothermal offers some distinct advantages. For example, when you remove the outdoor unit, you no longer have to worry about the salt affecting the unit and rusting it."

Think about the wear and tear on outdoor units away from the ocean. How often must outdoor units be cleared of leaves and other debris? Most geothermal systems are installed indoors, which gives you lower maintenance costs and longer life expectancy over conventional systems by an average of 7-9 years.

Even in the face of flooding, Enertech Global products in particular have been found to fare quite well. "About a year ago, there were some floods in Pennsylvania," said Senio. "I have a customer there who was replacing all these component parts for other units, but he didn't have to replace one of ours. Enertech's vertical packaged and combo units place the controls at the top, rather than low inside the unit; they are up at eye level in a separate panel. It's a big advantage for installers and homeowners alike."

Eye level controls is just one innovation that Enertech Global's products feature as they continue to find ways to further the industry. The technology is ingenuous, but today's best engineers are transforming, reimagining and building on it to be even better.

You see, geothermal systems use the constant temperature of the earth to heat and cool your home through pipes buried in the ground. These loop pipes are filled with a solution that transfers heat from the earth into your home in the winter, and then reverses the process for cooling in the summer. It's incredibly efficient and very environmentally friendly.

For those dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, the benefit of installing a geothermal system is peace of mind. Of course, the long-term savings are an important factor too – geothermal systems have a longer life cycle than conventional HVAC equipment. Plus, they offer reduced operating costs. Typically, homeowners can see a savings of 30-70% on their heating and cooling bills. For a homeowner struggling to recover from a devastating natural disaster, those factors make switching to geothermal even more appealing.

For more information about the benefits of geothermal, go to the Geothermal Heating and Cooling Research Center on ProudGreenHome. There, you'll find white papers, additional articles and more! Then, talk to your local Enertech Global geothermal expert in your area.

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Caryn Tomer
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