Geothermal: the single best thing you can do for your house

| by Mark Sullivan

People ask me what's the one best thing I can do for my house, and I believe that putting in a geothermal unit is the best thing you can do.

It pays dividends from Day One. And, outside of the bricks and framing and slab, it's probably thing that will last the longest in your house.

A geothermal unit will last longer than a conventional unit and it will operate for less money, and from a comfort level it's borne out.

I've had one in my house for a long time. It was a retrofit situation, I live in a subdivision, on an 80 ft. x 120 ft. lot. I put in four bore holes that are 200 feet deep. Two pipes run into the utility closet in the house. So while there are some homes where it may not possible, probably 85-90 percent of homes can be outfitted with a geothermal system.

I just upgraded my basic package unit that was 20 years old. I wanted to do something different, so we went with a split-unit air handler and put both sections into the utility closet. We took out a 50-gallon hot water tank heater and put in a tankless hot water system in there, too.

The new unit has a two-stage compressor unit with an ECM fan motors. (ECMs are Electronically commutated motors, which offer a greater range of operability choices, and to minimize noise.

I've been following the utility bills for a full year and the electric bill is down 36.5 percent from the old geothermal unit to the new geothermal unit.

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