Get in the zone with mini splits

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Get in the zone with mini splits

A traditional HVAC system, like those found in many homes, often isn't the most efficient and comfortable way to heat your home. Conventional systems are either 100 percent on or off causing temperature fluctuations.

That's why you hear the unit blowing when the system is on and then clanging off. A traditional HVAC system will blow conditioned air until the temperature is a couple of degrees over the set point on the thermostat. After the temperature reduces to a couple of degrees below the set temperature, the HVAC system roars to life again

Unlike conventional air conditioners that cycle on and off, a duct-free mini split uses an inverter compressor to ramp up or down to match the demand and maintain comfort levels. The system uses only as much energy as needed to maintain an even temperature and more precise temperature control.

A duct-free mini split system also allows for room-by-room zoned control of the temperature. Unless you a have a zoned system in your home, which is still fairly rare, your system blows air everywhere all at once throughout the home, whether anyone is in a particular room or not.

In your home there are probably areas that are never comfortable. If the upstairs is cool enough, then the downstairs is freezing. Or to make the family room warm enough, the kitchen is uncomfortably warm.

With its zoning capability, a duct-free system can heat or cool only the room or areas in use, thus proven to be an energy-efficient solution to making your home more comfortable.

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