Golden State's solar mandate represents golden opportunities

| by Carmen Bellavia
Golden State's solar mandate represents golden opportunities

California has become the first state in the nation to make solar a mandatory feature of new homes. It’s a landmark move but not one that should be surprising, considering the Golden State has long been a forerunner on the environmental front.

The mandate, which takes effect in 2020, represents opportunities for residents to drive down energy costs and help protect the environment. 

While there will be an obvious boost in sales, it will be critical for the solar industry to help residents see the value of this renewable energy option and how it can work for them. That means clearly illustrating to prospective owners the costs, anticipated savings and peace of mind they’ll have by still having power even when the electric grid goes down. 

Doing so comes at a time when there are a number of solar choices for consumers – and several more are emerging. The most popular and traditional have been solar panels that are anchored to the roof. But they’re not always the most attractive solutions and can make it more costly for homeowners to obtain common maintenance services such as shingle replacement. Developers constantly are looking for ways to make the solution better. And a host of other options are making their way to the market. 

Take the new 3 IN 1 ROOF tile, for example. The tile benefits homeowners on multiple fronts. Not only is the product more resilient and insulative, it features built-in, color-matched solar panels.

Solar is literally the product’s third component. The modules, situated within the middle of a three-tab tile, are renewable modules that are encapsulated with a glass panel, set and sealed into the high-wind resistant and 3-lb foam core platform. 

Because the pace of advances within the industry continues to pick up speed, the 3 IN 1 ROOF solar modules are designed to easily be removed and replaced with better-performing solutions as the industry develops them.

California’s solar mandate gives residents a choice when they set out to have a home built for them. The challenge is to work with manufacturers and installers to determine what design will provide the best setup with the biggest payback to both their homes and the Earth.




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