How much can a typical homeowner save with geothermal?

| by Mike Roberts
How much can a typical homeowner save with geothermal?

Proper design is the key to answering this question. Here is where the contractor can shine. A good contractor will measure the home's windows, walls and basement; find out how much insulation is in the home (attic, walls and basement); then do a heat load calculation to find out how much heat the home loses an hour in the winter and how much heat is gained in the summer.

This information helps the contractor choose the unit that matches the results of his calculations to find the correct size for the loop field to insure peak efficiency.

Today's geothermal equipment is designed to be 400-500 percent efficient. Electric heat is 100 percent efficient, gas or propane equipment is only 95 percent efficient at best, oil fired equipment is only 80-85 percent efficient.

Compared to other systems, a typical geothermal system can save a homeowner 60-70 percent over electric, 50-60 percent over gas (due to record low prices) and 70-80 percent over oil or propane.

These expert insights are provided by Mike Roberts, an ACE (Approved Contributing Expert) with ProudGreenHome, owner of First Geothermal Energy and an Enertech Global LLC geothermal dealer.

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Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts is a geothermal expert and has been installing geothermal systems since the 1990’s when his company started installing geothermal heating and cooling systems. Time and experience have proven the geothermal technology is not only viable, but that it is often the best option for most new and replacement climate control systems in Ohio, where he’s based. In 2008, he founded First Geothermal Energy and he's an Enertech dealer. www

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