Low and no-VOC wall covering options

| by Touseef Hussain
Low and no-VOC wall covering options

Pollution in the environment is something we all know exists and something we like to avoidinhaling, especially on those very smoggy days. However, although you might think your indoor air quality is better than the outdoors it might be time to think again. There are many things inside the home that contribute to less than perfect air quality at best, or at worst lead to serious illness. The way your walls are covered is one area where harm can lurk due to what is commonly known as VOCs. Consider the following low and no-VOC wall covering options to ensure you and your family are fully informed and can make the right choices for your long term health.

What are VOCs?

So what exactly does it mean for a wall covering to offer low or no VOCs? First you must know what VOCs stands for: volatile organic compounds. These organic compounds are found in both liquid and solid objects and from those objects VOCs are released in the form of gases. Having low or no VOCs is extremely important since the vapours can actually be toxic to human health.

Low VOC paint

There are various laws and codes in place designed to regulate VOCs. The limits were set due to findings of VOCs potentially being linked to a range of health effects such as headaches and even cancer. There are a handful of major paint makers who have released paint with low VOCs, and as consumer demand continues to rise for eco-friendly goods there are sure to be even more options in the future. Choosing a low toxic paint will mean your family will enjoy cleaner air at the same time as experiencing a fresh new interior.

Wallpaper options

For those who prefer wallpaper over paint, there are many companies who offer low VOC wall coverings. There are even some companies that offer recycled wallpaper that uses natural vegetable dyes. Taking things a step further, even wallpaper paste can be made from basic household ingredients such as flour, water and alum to eliminate the need to use pastes containing chemicals.

Generally, wall coverings that have low VOCs are also moisture, mold, and mildew resistant, which eliminates further hazards to human health. In addition to that, it is even possible to purchase "green" wallpaper that is made from recycled materials, adding the sustainability factor. Furthermore, there is wallpaper that is silk-screened with water-based ink, and the papers are coated with clay for easy cleaning and eliminating VOCs completely. There really are quite a number of options to choose from that are great for both your health and for your home's decor.

Not only are wall coverings that emit no or low VOCs crucial for your health, but they are also eo-friendly. Improving the indoor air quality of your home for you and your family should be a priority to prevent unnecessary exposure to harmful gases that can lead to a range of illnesses, some of which could be very serious. And with so many wonderful choices available all that's left to do is decide on the type of design and colours you wish to choose and add them into your home.

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