Meet PowerWise at NESEA Building Energy March 3 - 5

| by Christian Gilbert
Meet PowerWise at NESEA Building Energy March 3 - 5

Meet the PowerWise team at the 2015 NESEA Building Energy Conference in Boston March 35. See the latest energy management and controls available from PowerWise at booth 814.

The NESEA Building Energy is focused on renewable energy and highperformance buildings.

People can manage their electricity, water, gas, and renewable energy resources -- all with PowerWise’s monitoring and control technology. Plus, HVAC and other equipment can be monitored to ensure top performance and peak efficiency.

These solutions use gateways, sensors, control hardware, and a modular dashboard system -- all developed by PowerWise.

Wireless sensors are new for PowerWise in 2015 and will be announced at the conference.

“Almost any aspect of a mechanical system or environmental condition can be monitored with our techoloogy,” says Carsten Steenberg, PowerWise CEO. “We can use this data to optimize HVAC and other equipment through switches and variable speed controls all from our online dashboards.”

For existing buildings, wiring new sensors and flow meters can be challenging. In 2015, PowerWise will launch a series of wireless sensors and communication devices. These sensors and meters will capture a variety of data including temperature, humidity, VOC, CO2, water use, gas use, and more.

For more information about NESEA Building Energy 2015, visit their website

About PowerWise Systems

PowerWise is a leading provider of building monitoring and control solutions. With over 1,000 customers on 5 continents, PowerWise helps businesses and researchers evaluate performance and use of buildings and the individual systems, including hot water, circuitlevel electricity, heating/cooling, and environmental conditions, and take active control of systems such as lighting and HVAC. PowerWise is based in Maine. For more information, call (207) 370-6517 or email [email protected]

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