Oklahoma homeowner finds peace and quiet with geothermal system

| by Titian Burris
Oklahoma homeowner finds peace and quiet with geothermal system

Brent Gibson had long heard about the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling systems. So when the Edmond, Oklahoma, builder decided to construct his new home – the last for he and his wife, he says – Gibson outfitted the structure with the underground system noted for its effectiveness and efficiency.

Experiencing geothermal firsthand has been positive physically and financially. Their utility bill is about half of what they used to spend monthly in their previous home that relied on natural gas for warming.

In the months leading up to Gibson building his new home, he researched geothermal systems. He determined that ClimateMaster, a leader in the geothermal industry, produced the best-rated equipment for his family’s needs.

Crews dug close to 300 feet into the ground to bury vinyl plastic, fluid-filled pipes around the Gibsons’ lot. The ground’s naturally constant 50-something-degree temperature is from beneath the surface to the home and converted through a pump into warn or cool air.

Gibson said having a geothermal system is considerably different than what he and his wife were used to, with persistent noise from an air blower and the clicking of the gas furnace firing up.

“What we like about our house is we never even hear” the geothermal pump, he said. “We don’t even know when it’s running, it’ so quiet.”

The pump actually sits inside the Gibsons’ home. The system requires no upkeep or maintenance, other than occasionally changing the air filter.

“We’ve really enjoyed it,” Gibson said. “This being my last house to build, we don’t want to move again. We want to stay here."

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