Questions about insulation? Knauf Insulation has the answers

| by Scott Miller
Questions about insulation? Knauf Insulation has the answers

Choosing the right insulation product and installing it correctly are critical to having a safe and comfortable home, so Knauf Insulation helps homeowners, engineers, code officials, builders and specifiers understand the features of its products. Under the Resources tab at, you’ll find not only a wealth of information but also the email address and phone number to “Ask an Expert.”

Here are some of the topics on which we at Knauf Insulation frequently answer questions:

  • Fire safety. Because fiberglass does not burn, EcoBatt® Glasswool insulation is not one- or two-hour rated, although it will melt within that time. For areas such as drop ceilings and raised floors, the unfaced and the FSK-25 EcoBatt products are Fire Hazard Classification (FHC) 25/50 rated for use in those plenum areas. They have a 1000 fpm velocity rating.
  • Installation. You can double-layer EcoBatt insulation, using unfaced batt as the inner layer. As long as the insulation is not compressed, the resulting R value will be the sum of the R values of the two layers. You can face staple or inset staple faced batts, or even use friction fitting if the insulation completely fills the cavity. (Watch the video “Insulating Tips from the Pros” to see how to install insulation efficiently.) With metal stud batts, friction fitting is normally done when the batt completely fills the cavity, but if it doesn’t or the cavity is more than 8 feet high, use mechanical fastening, such as stick pins and washers or wires. If recessed can lights are not Insulation Contact (IC) rated or the fluorescent fixtures don ’t have thermal-protected ballasts, keep insulation at least 3 inches from those fixtures.
  • Moisture control. Don’t use faced batts or other vapor retarders in below-grade basement walls, because that can trap moisture. In above-grade walls, place the vapor retarder toward the warm-in-winter side, the interior of the home.

Put data sheets, specification guides, warranty information and more about Knauf Insulation products at your fingertips by downloading the free Knauf Insulation Mobile app. KI Mobile, available through AppShopper, also provides a one-touch connection to your Knauf Insulation territory manager.

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Scott Miller
Scott Miller is Dir. of Sustainability and Product Affairs at Knauf Insulation North America. He is responsible for analyzing sustainability projects & life cycle assessment of Knauf products. A mechanical engineer by training, Scott holds several U.S. and International patents relating to insulation and is a recognized expert regarding the assessment of insulation materials.

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