Radiant floor heating with the benefits of geothermal

| by Titian Burris
Radiant floor heating with the benefits of geothermal

This winter, most people strolled across chilly floors, though their homes were mostly warm and comfortable. A number of homeowners with radiant floor heating enjoyed floors that were as warm as the air.

And it wasn’t any more costly, thanks to ClimateMaster Tranquility water-to-water heat pumps that provide radiant floor heating with the benefits of geothermal technology. 

Also consider that savings triggered by radiant heating can be a major boost budget-wise, with more than 70 percent of the total energy used in a typical home is for heating, cooling and water heating.

Much like geothermal systems laid in a home’s yard, a series of pipes are woven underneath the floor. Heat then radiates evenly across the floor.

Heat rising from the floor often provides added warmth, enabling homeowners to lower the room temperature, saving more money.

Besides that, one of the other major benefits of radiant heat is that it is hidden from view underneath the floor. So the heating pipes pose no obstacle to homeowners in terms of room design or functionality. 

ClimateMaster heat pumps aren’t only suited for radiant heating in floors. They can be used to provide such warmth to heat walls, melt snow and ice and heat spas and pool water.

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