Reduce your electricity costs with monitoring technology

| by Christian Gilbert
Reduce your electricity costs with monitoring technology

Every month, you receive an electricity bill. If your bill is higher than normal, you may not know what happened. But what if you knew exactly WHY your bill was higher?

With circuit-level monitoring technology, you know what contributes to your electricity bill and when. You’ll have a breakdown of costs and use for each circuit in your electrical panel. If you are using your HVAC more, doing more laundry, or cooking more frequently, you’ll see how these changes affect your electricity bill.

While the electricity use for appliances and heating systems seems like a fixed cost, this is not always the case. Our customers often report learning that HVAC has been left running for no reason, or set higher or lower than it should be. They see lights or appliances on while no one is at home. Or, they learn that when phone chargers are plugged in all the time, they constantly draw power. Knowing when these situations are happening can help you eliminate wasted electricity and save money.

In some cases, knowing when appliances or pumps are running can actually indicate a problem or a safety issue. A leak in your plumbing could be causing a pump to run more often than it should. An electric cooktop left running during the day could be dangerous.

A good monitoring system also includes HVAC controls. Imagine you check your monitoring system online, and see that the AC or heat is set too high or low. The ability to change the setting remotely from a computer or mobile device can save big on heating and cooling costs, typically the largest portion of an electric bill.

Insight into your electricity use can not only save you money, but provide some sense of security and safety. Know what contributes to your electricity bill and when. Control your HVAC settings remotely., Visit to learn more.

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