Research Proves the Value of On-demand Recirculation Pumps

| by Dave Grieshop
Research Proves the Value of On-demand Recirculation Pumps

Homebuilders and owners literally around the world are interested in saving water and energy through on-demand water pumps.

On August 6, 2016, published article by noted water conservation expert David Grieshop, titled How On-Demand Pumps in New Residential Construction Can Pay for Themselves Via the New Home’s Mortgage. Greishop has conducted extensive research on water conservation technology, independently and as Chair, Technical Advisory Committee, to the Cochise Water Project.

In the article, Grieshhop offered a low-cost water use modeling tool to help builders and homeowners see the savings available with using an on-demand recirculation pump in the home's plumbing system. His research shows that the cost of installing the pump is more than paid for during the life of a typical mortgage.

Hot water recirculation pumps reduce the wait for hot water to next to nothing. That's why home builders in drought-stricken states are turning to recirculation pumps to help meet strict new standards. Regardless of whether a home has a tank or tankless water heater, the water in the lines between the water heater and the fixture loses heat. Depending on how long those lines are, it may take many seconds for hot water to run through the pipes to reach the fixtures. All that water goes down the drain, including the energy used to move it, treat it and heat it, as well as the energy used to process it as sewage.

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Greishop has already provided modeling for homes across the United States and at least one in Australia.

Grieshop is now making available two data sets from his research and a model for a typical 2,000 square foot home showing the benefits and savings from an on-demand pump.

1) Actual data from 63 existing homes which measured the wasted water (cups) and wasted time (seconds) while the home owners waited for hot water - before installing an on-demand pump and then again after installation. The results are rather dramatic. 

2) A spread sheet with the input and output results for a 2,000 square foot home, when all inputs are default values used based on national values as of August 15, 2016.

As the output sheet indicates, the on-demand pump energy and water savings generate more than sufficient savings to finance the pump and installation in a new home whether for electric, natural gas or propane water heaters.

Send an email here and Grieshop will respond with the two attachments.

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Dave Grieshop
David Grieshop is Managing Partner of Reality LLC and has been exploring solutions to standard recirculation and/or running water down the drain. His work has led to local plumbing code changes and pending rebate authority for on-demand pumps in new and retrofitted homes from his local electric cooperative. His research was presented last year at a national hot water symposium. He and his wife are the very satisfied users of a demand-controlled pump in their Arizona retirement home.

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