Seedlings! Want to save some money this spring?

| by Christian Gilbert
Seedlings! Want to save some money this spring?

If you live in the northern climate, it’s time to start those seedlings for the garden. Many lucky others may have started them already.

Game Changer

Here’s how one gardener saved a ton of money starting seeds in the basement. He always got huge electric bills at seed starting time, and figured that was just part of the game. However, installing a SiteSage circuit-level energy management system from PowerWise was a game changer.

Our gardener had set up a seed starting table with warming mats and grow lights. The plywood table holds two warming mats, four feet by a foot and a half.

SiteSage told him that the two 48-inch by 20-inch mats must be drawing 100 watts each, because the warming mats were using 200 watts all day and night, every day. Even running 24/7, they were only costing $6 to $8 a month. It seemed a small price to pay to get dozens of healthy seedlings for future dining pleasure.

SiteSage energy management system installs in the electrical panel. SiteSage can measure electricity use for each circuit in the home. When growing season started, the SiteSage dashboard clearly showed the measurable increase on his basement lighting circuit. Where was it coming from?

The grow lights told a surprising story. Even though they were fluorescent – supposed to be more efficient, right? – SiteSage showed they cost  $22 a month each, times four, for a big $88 a month electricity hit! That deserved some cogitation, followed by some intensive research on grow lighting.

Solution: LED

The solution was simple: replace the grow light bulbs with LED grow-lights. This simple substitution uses  just 25% of the energy of the other grow lights, with all the sunny benefits. SiteSage showed the new cost per month was just $22.

With the $66 saved that month, our gardener could go wild! 

In fact, he found new ways to save with his SiteSage energy management system. Check the next post for more discoveries.


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