Take control of your fans

| by Patrick Nielsen
Take control of your fans

It seems simple to turn a fan on when you need it and off when you don't. But that's not always the case. Someone taking a shower may forget to turn the fan on, and the room fills with steam. Or they forget to turn if off and it runs a lot longer than it has to.

Fortunately, there are some options if you're installing a new fan or simply want to upgrade what you have.

On-off switches: The basic wall switch lets you run spot-ventilation fans when you think ventilation is needed. This works great in for range hood fans, but people don't have the best judgment when it comes to bathroom fans.

Manual timers: The user can turn on the fan and it will run for a pre-set time, usually 20 minutes or more. That way you can be sure moisture and humidity are removed from the bathroom. Then it shuts off, saving electricity.

Humidity sensors: A humidistat (or dehumidistat) controls ventilation using humidity sensors. They're great for bathrooms because the humidstat switch makes the fan run as long as it's needed, but not any longer. That saves wasted electricity and wear and tear on the fan.

Motion sensors: Motion sensors detect when someone is in the room, but that's not always the best choice if people are in the room and don't need the fan to operate.

Time controllers: These devices turn on and off at preset times, maybe several times throughout the day. These might be good for heavily used bathrooms in commercial spaces, or in homes with a known humidity issue.

You can easily upgrade your wall switch to one that will let you take control of your ventilation problems and make your home more comfortable.

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