The Adventures of Captain ClimateMaster

| by Titian Burris
The Adventures of Captain ClimateMaster

Comic books for decades have informed, educated and entertained the masses through the power of reading. The superhero Captain ClimateMaster, created in the 1980s, found success on ClimateMaster’s commitment to manufacturing quality geothermal heat pumps – something the company continues today.

ClimateMaster created “The Adventures of Captain ClimateMaster” as a brochure for its commercial line of geothermal and water-source heat pumps.

The book was targeted to architects, engineers and contractors. It followed Leon C. Peon, a mechanical contractor running out of time to complete a construction job. Waiting for heat pumps to be delivered, he finds a ClimateMaster brochure touting the company’s ability to deliver them faster than the competition.

Captain ClimateMaster arrives at the job site carrying a heating and cooling unit above his head, saving the day.

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