The savings of living in a green home

| by Luis Imery
The savings of living in a green home

For this post I will briefly mention the benefits of living in a green home, but will focus in particular in the one that I have found matters the most. Unfortunately we are still a long way from making a sale just based on of the environmental benefits of a green home, many appreciate our commitment for sustainability, but when it comes to the financial aspects, cost is what matters the most.

So, what are the benefits of green home? We can just look at your typical definition here:

"Is a home that has been designed in a system approached, delivering a building that is healthier, more comfortable, durable, and out performs homes built to meet code by at least 15 percent." In addition, these homes are:

  • Third-party verified
  • Voluntary programs
  • Requires builder to undergo training and to partner with the program
  • At least two inspections done through construction process, including an air leakage test
  • HERS Index lower than 85

I like using this slide, which I borrow from Energy Star to illustrate the added benefits of a green house, or in this case an Energy Star home:

Now, going back where it matters the most, which is in people’s pockets. This table below shows how you can actually save a good deal of money just by doing nothing, and buying a green home:

This comparison was done by Southface, which is one of the organizations that developed the EarthCraft green building program. I have done my own comparisons, and you can look at the chart in a previous blog on ProudGreenHome.

In any case, in the previous illustration you can see that the home owner pockets roughly $500 a year which equates to about $14,500 in present value, even if the home purchase price is $2,000 more than a less energy efficient home.

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Luis Imery
Luis Imery, through his business the Imery Group, is a full service construction, home energy performance, green certification and real estate group specializing in infusing sustainability in every facet of the real estate cycle. Its construction division has become pioneers in the Athens, GA area in green building of speculative, custom and design-built construction. Just in 2011 they have over 110 units slated for green certification under the EarthCraft program. wwwView Luis Imery's profile on LinkedIn

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