The world of interior trim

| by Dave Sweet
The world of interior trim

One of my favorite parts of doing this project is the opportunity to share with you a variety of information on a range of subjects that fall under the umbrella of home construction. As we get closer to the finish line of building my new home, I wanted to take the opportunity to revisit one of my favorite sources of knowledge - Ring’s End Lumber. If you’re like me, hardware stores and lumberyards are places you enjoy visiting. If you hang around these places long enough, you’re bound to learn something or meet someone willing to share their knowledge.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember that we first visited Ring’s End Lumber when it was time to select windows and doors. In that episode, I spoke with David Lee, a 30-year company veteran who has made his mark on countless home construction projects. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and I would highly recommend him as a source of knowledge to anyone who is installing windows, doors or interior trim in the eastern/central Connecticut area.

David seemed like a fitting choice to help wrap up the interior construction portion of my project. At this point, the walls are finished and most of the interior hardware has been installed. The only thing really left to do is select trim for my doors and walls. As you’ll see in the episode, there’s more to it than simply picking out a trim and calling it a day - the reason I decided to focus in on interior trim is because it’s a topic that many folks neglect to think about until it’s time to pick it out. Interior trim and woodwork can really jazz up a space and determine the character of your home’s interior. That’s why as we finish up our interior, it’s fitting to do an episode about the finishing touches.

There are only a few more subjects to cover after this. In our next episode, George Keithan of CES will make his final appearance to do a second blower door test on my new home. I’m excited about this to see if my numbers are any different from the first time he did it - I spent a lot of time going over the data he provided to me and sealing up areas in the envelope that needed some attention.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following along so far, and I’m excited to show off the finished project once it’s all done. Stay tuned, and as always, join the conversation and let us know what you think!

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