Thomas Edison project benefits from an LED upgrade

| by Heather Ferrier Laminack
Thomas Edison project benefits from an LED upgrade

In the 1880's one of the United State's wealthiest citizens, J. Pierpont Morgan, elected to have Thomas Edison integrate electricity into his personal home and library on MadisonAvenue in New York City, which many considered a very forward-thinking move. In that period the concept of electricity was somewhat mystified — it posed certain dangers such as fires, but also proposed promise of radically shifting people's lifestyles.

After a trench was dug, a steam-power generator was installed, and two small house fires later, the building became the first electrified residence in New York. Over a century later, the library's light fixtures have been retrofitted with LED bulbs, ensuring that it stays on the forefront on innovation.

For more photos of the project, visit Dwell.

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