Tips to sell your green home

| by Lois Vitt Sale
Tips to sell your green home

The best sales tool for selling your green home is to share your lower water and energy bills with prospective buyers! Benchmark your lower environmental impact against other homes in your climate region. For instance, I designed a low to no energy use home in Downers Grove,Illinois. The average energy use intensity (EUI) factor in the Chicago region is approximately 57 kBTUs per square foot. This house's EUI is just over 7 kBTUs per square foot. In the first year in use, the homeowner there used only 1200 kilowatts of energy from the grid. The rest of his energy was provided by the 3 kw photovoltaic array on his roof.

If you make the investment in high performance technologies like geothermal heating and cooling, EnergyStar appliances, high efficiency windows and more, drive home the value of these investments with proof, your minimal operating costs. With rising costs for water and electricity, this should boost the sale ability of your green home.

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