Water conservation stats

| by Larry Acker
Water conservation stats

Sierra Vista, Ariz., is no stranger to water conservation, as the Copper State is not known for having plentiful rainfall. In 2011 the Cochise Water Project was formed, a nonprofit organization whose goals is to reduce the amount of water being drawn from the aquifer in Sierra Vista. Through a grant rebate program in 2013, the Cochise Water Project was able to install around 130 demand controlled pumps in residences. Homeowners were asked to provide information on how much water was being wasted, both with the demand pump and without it, while they were waiting for water to heat up, as well as how much time it took for the water to get hot with and without the pump. They provided these numbers for the kitchen sink and the master bath (either the sink or the shower).

Sierra Vista, Arizona
Sierra Vista, Arizona

The Cochise Water Project collected 11 sets of data from homeowners who lived in single-story homes, ranging from 2,150 to 4,000 square feet. Using four daily hot water demands—three at the kitchen sink and one in the master bathroom—which is below the number of water starts a typical family would have each day, by the way, the data revealed an annual aggregate of about 2,800 gallons of wasted water per year when a demand controlled pump was not used, and 230 gallons with one. These homeowners further completed the behavioral study by calculating how much time it was taking for water to get hot without a demand pump. The average was 26 hours a year: that’s more than an entire day of unproductive time, just waiting for water to get hot enough to use.

The ACT D’MAND Kontrols pumping system, with its proprietary technology to provide hot water on demand, first and foremost saves thousands of gallons of water every year, which also reduces sewage processing. The system saves energy and reduces the carbon footprint. It also extends the life of a water heater. On top of those important sustainable factors, the ACT D’MAND pump saves time and is a wonderful creature comfort for anyone and everyone who has ever turned on a faucet to get hot water. The convenience factor of having hot water on demand is hard to beat.

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ACT D’MAND Kontrols® and Structured Plumbing® are registered marks of Advanced Conservation Technology Distribution, Inc.; a privately owned corporation that started as a family business and is based in Costa Mesa, Calif. ACT D’MAND Kontrols Systems are made in America and sold through wholesale plumbing supply houses and national representative groups. The company has distribution throughout the U.S. and six other countries. For more information, visit www.gothotwater.com.

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Larry Acker
Larry Acker is the CEO of ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrol Systems®. Involved with energy, water and energy conservation for 45 years, Larry is considered a leading authority regarding residential water and energy efficiency. Larry has been a featured speaker at major conferences throughout the world supporting ASHRAE, IAMPO, AWWA, ACEEE, PHCC and SB-08. Larry has written featured articles for National Trade Magazines and was the Chairman of the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in 2001. www

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