Water saving tips for your toilet

| by Larry Acker
Water saving tips for your toilet

Replacing your old toilet with a new high-efficiency toilet may initially sound costly but a family of four will save nearly 28,000 gallons of water annually.  Dual-flush toilets have two buttons: one using very little water to flush liquid waste and the other using just enough water to flush solid waste.

Test your current toilet a few times a year for leaks with this simple method.  Put food coloring in your toilet tank. If you see the coloring seeping in to the bowl, you have a leaking toilet.  This often unnoticeable leak will add thousands of gallons of water to your water bill, and diminish our limited water supply.  Usually, a new rubber flapper is the easy and economical remedy or an adjustment to your toilet’s water fill level to prevent overfilling.

This tip is sponsored by Advanced Conservation Technologies (ACT) D’MAND. Its proven, patented and Department of Energy-recognized plumbing enhancement, Structured Plumbing® is saving millions of gallons of water annually.  Their recirculating pump returns the ambient water sitting idle in a home’s hot water line back to the hot water tank or tankless heater at the push of a button.  The ACT D’MAND Kontrols System® saves over 10,000 gallons of water per household from being wasted while waiting for hot water.  In addition, the point-of-use receives hot water in three to five seconds instead of several minutes.  The annual savings for the homeowner is about $300.   The ROI is less than two years.

For more information on the technology, applications and certifications visit www.gothotwater.com.

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Larry Acker
Larry Acker is the CEO of ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrol Systems®. Involved with energy, water and energy conservation for 45 years, Larry is considered a leading authority regarding residential water and energy efficiency. Larry has been a featured speaker at major conferences throughout the world supporting ASHRAE, IAMPO, AWWA, ACEEE, PHCC and SB-08. Larry has written featured articles for National Trade Magazines and was the Chairman of the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in 2001. www

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