Ways Your Life is Improving with Hi-Tech

| by Jens Bolleyer
Ways Your Life is Improving with Hi-Tech

A century ago some homes still had wood burning cooking stoves complete with a side tank to heat water as you cooked.  Then came indoor plumbing and the large, inefficient tank water heater which never seemed to provide enough hot water.

Many of today’s generation are saving money and valuable space by dumping the tank water heater for highly efficient, compact, electric tankless water heaters.  These state-of-the-art gems come in many sizes, depending upon the size of the home and family.  They are wall-mountable and can fit in the cabinet directly under a sink or in a closet for point-of-use or whole-house hot water needs.  All applications provide endless hot water.  Technology at its best.

Another clever innovation is the advent of wireless charging.  Electric toothbrushes rest in a plastic saddle when not in use; effortlessly charging while you sleep.  Smart phones are now close to using similar technology, allowing you to place your phone on a nightstand and having it charge wirelessly without having to plug it in.

Electric smart cars are beginning to roll of the assembly line with detailed style and comfort. With efficiencies now achieving 200 miles on a charge, these new cars will charge in the comfort of your home garage and not see the gas pump.  And a new model is just coming out priced in the mid-30’s, nearly half of competitive manufacturer’s sticker.

Google Fiber is going to change the way we do internet with verified speeds more than 100 times that of current internet providers.  Test marketed in Kansas City, Kansas and Austin, Texas Google Fiber will enable you to download a 4K movie in 12 seconds.  Photos, charts, images and You Tube will be instantaneous. 

Life is good.  Technology makes it better.

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