Why Radiant Floor Heating is Best

| by Monica Irgens
Why Radiant Floor Heating is Best

STEP Warmfloor radiant floor heating is safe and aesthetically pleasing.  There are no moving parts to replace.  No heat pumps, baseboard heaters, no need for propane or natural gas or other fossil fuels and no furnace fans and electrical components to replace.  Installed under the flooring material, it is completely invisible.  Its low voltage poses no electrical shock or burns that could occur with electrical baseboard heaters.

Comfort is achieved with less energy because it heats from the floor.  When your feet are warm, you feel warmer.  You can actually feel more comfortable with a lower air temperature at head level when radiant heat is warming you from your floor.

The lower temperature and self-regulating characteristic of radiant heat reduces energy costs, which your budget will appreciate.

Allergy sufferers know all-too-well when a forced-air furnace kicks in, as it is a leading culprit of blowing allergens and pet dander.  Radiant heat is perfectly quiet, and has no blower to help pollute your indoor air.  Asthma and allergy sufferers find a dramatic improvement to their symptoms with electric radiant heat.

STEP Warmfloor radiant heating systems are easy to install in new or existing homes, and can be configured to individual rooms or whole-house installations.

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Monica Irgens

Monica is President of Electro Plastics, Inc., manufacturer of STEP Warmfloor® heating systems: a patented, low-voltage, self-regulating flat and thin heater. Monica has been in the radiant heating industry for over 20 years. She was member of the Radiant Panel Association for 15 years, served on the RPA Board of Directors as chairperson of the Electric Committee and the Green Committee. Monica is also a member of the USGBC and has been involved in the design of LEED registered buildings.

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